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Exactly one month ago, Google+ brand pages launched. This was an exciting prospect for marketers, and many of us jumped to create a Google+ brand page. But after the excitement settled, everyone started to ask questions about what this platform means for brands. Underlying these questions was the age old need for data. We heard this pain and went heads down to build a full suite of Google+ analytics in Simply Measured. Today, just 30 days after brand pages were born, our Google+ analytics are ready for prime time! Let’s break down the type of analysis you can do right away to start making sense of this new social media channel.

1. Analyze Google+ Page Engagement Down to Each Post

For starters, when you are posting content to a new channel, you are immediately trying to understand what works. How is your content trending?  Who is it reaching? And what are people doing with your content, if anything? Particularly with all the uncertainty surrounding Google+, answering these questions and adapting your social strategy is a top priority.

2. Track Competitor Pages and Benchmark Against Your Industry

When a new channel launches, the opportunities for learning are significant. Being able to track and monitor your performance and compare it against the competition gives you an advantage.  Being armed with the information of what is happening in your competitive space, allows you to more quickly change your strategy and maximize what your Google+ brand page can do for you.

3. Compare Google+ with Facebook and Twitter Analytics

We already do Facebook Analytics and Twitter Analytics — the top channels most brands currently focus their time and efforts towards. With Google+ in the mix, you can easily compare your performance across all three major channels. Helping you differentiate what content works best in each channel, understand the differences in demographics of the people you engage with in each channel and monitor the varying growth and engagement rates across channels. All of which will help you determine if Google+ has the potential for being a critical part of your marketing mix, or not.

4. Monitor Conversations Broadly in Google+ and Compare to Other Channels

We already let you monitor brands, campaigns, and promotion on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and variety of blog channels.  Now with Google+ in the mix, you have a comprehensive place to follow and monitor the conversations taking place about your brand and the topics you care about.

Want to see the reports in all their glory? You can view the live version of the Google+ Brand Pages Competitive Report here and the Google+ Single Brand Page Analysis here.

Have questions or feedback about these new reports? Then leave them in the comments below.  We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Adam Schoenfeld

Adam Schoenfeld

Adam is the co-founder and CEO at Simply Measured. He has led Simply Measured from its inception as 'Untitled Startup, Inc' to become the leading social media analytics company, serving more than 1/3 of the top 100 brands and over 100,000 users. Adam is a golfer, breakfast enthusiast, and long-time data geek.

  • simon

    Curious – 

  • curiousQ

    For Google+ Page Activity Over Time graph, the Total Engagement line. Does it plot…
     * for each day, the total engagement on posts made on that day
     * for each day, the total engagement made on that day, for all posts over all time

    in other words, does the date signify the date of engagement or the date of the post?

  • Orange Chen

    how to get Google+ Analytics

  • Agasthya Upadhya

    Hi CuriousQ-

    The Total Engagement chart does the former. It looks at total engagement on posts made on that day.

    I hope this helps.


  • Georgia

    Looks great!!

  • DarrinSearancke

    Wow! This has my attention – wondering how these results can be shared with/presented to the C-Suite?

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