54% of Top Brands Now Active on Instagram [Study]

54% of Top Brands Now Active on Instagram [Study] Kevin Shively Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

With over 100 million users, more brands are recognizing the powerful reach and potential of Instagram. 54% of the world’s top brands using the mobile network to engage consumers. In our quarterly study, we take a look at who’s doing it, how they’re doing it, and who’s doing it the best.

When we first studied Instagram adoption in August, brands were starting to engage on the network. Three months later, the brands who adopted early are seeing month-over-month growth, creating a bigger gap between themselves and brands who haven’t started using the service.

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See how top brands are using the service, and what lessons you can learn from those leading the charge.

Instagram Brand Adoption Study (November 2012) from Simply Measured
Kevin Shively

Kevin Shively

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    Instagram is getting popularity because its mobile app .. and 99% educated /business persons have mobile phones/smart phone . Now they are on web surely this step will help @instagram to get more exposure on web … #IloveInsta

  • http://twitter.com/BlueKarl Karl Mamer

    Instagram is a great way for small businesses, notably those that take pride in personal touches and one-on-one relationships, to increase the personal, emotional content in their brand building. The filters can really help set the mood too. A photo of your warehouse on your web page is pretty meaningless but an Instagram shot warmed up by a filter gives a kind of “street level” resonance to it.

    Instagram is also a great way to modify the emotional content of your branding on the fly, especially if you rely a lot on themes and imagery to differentiate your product. Think of all the carefully crafted ad campaigns that get blown off the rails by a natural disaster or national tragedy. Your campaign is all “happy happy joy joy” and the mood of your consumers is one of reverence. Instangram helps you keep the emotional content of your brand in synch and on the fly.