The Voice: Kat Won #voicesave, But Josh’s Fans Were Louder

The Voice: Kat Won #voicesave, But Josh’s Fans Were Louder Danie Pote Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

During last season of The Voice, we analyzed how the show is changing the way we watch TV with its heavy social media incorporation to drive audience engagement. On last night’s episode, The Voice teamed up with Twitter and introduced a first-ever “instant save” whereby viewers had the opportunity to vote to save one of three contestants — Jonny Gray (@jonnygraymusic), Kat Robichaud (@katrowbeeshow) and Josh Logan (@Josh_Logan).

#voicesave rules are as follows: only one Tweet per unique Twitter ID per artist will count, and you must Tweet your vote within the designated voting period using the #voicesave hashtag plus the eligible keyword of the artist you wish to save (full rules here).

The sophistication of the voting rules only goes to show that social TV is becoming increasingly significant for networks as they invest more resources into second-screen audience engagement.

Per The Voice’s analysis, Kat received the most votes and therefore was saved from elimination.

We decided to look at the total volume of Tweets (so, not unique Tweets per Twitter ID per artist) to see if the results would have been any different had multiple votes per user been allowed. Using @NBCTheVoice’s Tweets denoting the opening and closing of votes as our official timestamps, we looked at all Tweets (including RTs) using #voicesave over the 5-minute period (9:53-9:58 pm ET / 8:53-8:58 pm CT) as well as the individual totals of Tweets (and RTs) including Jonny, Kat and Josh’s names AND #voicesave over the same time period. Here’s what we found:

The Voice #voicesave

During the five minutes that voting was officially open, Josh actually generated the most cumulative votes with a total of 138,458. Kat came in second with a total of 130,653 votes and Jonny came in last with a total of 106,161 votes. The nearly 8,000 total vote difference between Josh and Kat is pretty substantial.

The Voice #voicesave

Kat initially took the lead within the first two minutes of voting, but was out-voted by Josh over the three remaining minutes.

The Voice #voicesave

So even though Kat had more people voting for her, Josh’s fans were the loudest and most persistent on social media. Unfortunately for him, those extra votes from individual fans didn’t help him stay in the competition.

Danie Pote

Danie Pote

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  • Cheryl Reynolds

    What if you did #Voicesave Johnny instead of Jonny I’m sure a lot of people misspelled hsi name. They should have announced the different spelling of his name.

    • Alex

      They accounted for the different misspelling of all of the contestants’ names. According to The Voice’s official “Instant Save” rules, it would still count as a vote even if you typed “Jonny”, “Johnny”, “John”, “Jon”, or “Johnnie”. Also, they listed the correct spelling of his name clearly on the show.

      • daniepote

        Alex, you’re absolutely correct. The official rules allowed for slight misspellings and typos of the contestants names.

      • Mudflapman

        What if all 3 contestants is named John?

  • Lola

    can peole for over the world use the #voicesave (during the voting period) or is just for the US?

    • Danie Pote

      Hi Lola, only Eastern & Central time zones can officially vote using #voicesave. The show doesn’t air live in Mountain or Pacific time zones.

      • Lola

        Thank you Danie, but NBC told on twitter that you can vote even if you are not watching the show live becouse they were going to tell by twitter when it begins and when it ends, do yuo know somethig about that? (sorry for my english!)

    • Danie Pote

      You’re correct (we made a mistake) — MT and PT time zones can vote while it is live in ET & CT by following @NBCTheVoice to see when voting opens and closes. Official rules on The Voice website here:

    • Barby Angel

      people all over the world

  • Rich

    Then Why Did Kat win if josh clearly won?

    • ToDoLists

      They’re saying Josh would have won if the rules were different. But as the rules are now, Kat won.

  • Gin

    Maybe a little rewording would help to make the argument stronger….. Also is the fact that Josh’ fans were louder correlated to the purely fact that his fans kept voting without falling the rules?? This article is not 100% clear.

    • Danie Pote

      Hi Gin – Josh’s fans Tweeted for him the most in terms of cumulative volume, but Kat had the most individual users vote for her, which made her the winner per The Voice rules. We were just interested in seeing who would have won had the rules been different and allowed for total number of votes instead of total unique votes. Thanks for reading!