[Study] How Top Brand Marketers Use Twitter for Customer Service

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At this stage in the digital game, many brands are well aware that they cannot afford not to address customer service issues that arise on Twitter. Word travels fast on Twitter, so top brands are improving their customer service by responding via social networks. Last year, we published two studies on customer service on Twitter… Continue Reading

[STUDY] How Top Brand Marketers Used Twitter During Q4 of 2013


Twitter’s 230 million monthly active users post more than 500 million Tweets per day. This is the draw of the network, for both users and advertisers alike. In this comprehensive study, we took a look at the world’s top brands and some of the fastest-growing companies, and examined the tactics they’re using on the network… Continue Reading

[STUDY] Brands See Record Engagement On Instagram


As Instagram rolls out their ad platform, top brands already recognize the network for the goldmine that it is. With over 150 million users posting 40 million photos every day, Instagram is an ideal place to engage with an active user base. In our latest Simply Measured channel study, we look at the tactics that… Continue Reading

[STUDY] Why Are Top Brands Being Drawn to Tumblr?


More and more big brands are bringing Tumblr into their digital marketing mix. But what is it about the network that’s attracting them? While some still don’t understand the full value of using Tumblr, our Digital Marketing Analyst Nate Smitha found that 31% of the top 100 brands in the world are using Tumblr, and… Continue Reading

Facebook Study: Hashtags, Engagement Rates & Content Analysis


Facebook has made big changes to the way brands and users interact. Over the past few months, Facebook has redesigned the News Feed to improve how visual content is displayed and introduced clickable hashtags giving context to user posts. In our new report, we analyze activity from the Top 100 Brands in the world, with… Continue Reading

[STUDY] Customer Service: What’s Working on Twitter


More of the Interbrand top 100 brands are adopting dedicated support handles, and those already committed to serving customers are improving their responsiveness. In our third quarterly customer service study, we look at how the top brands are able to respond to consumer demand, and what tactics they’re using to deliver customer service on Twitter.… Continue Reading

How Top Brands Are Using Instagram Since The Facebook Buy [STUDY]


A year after the Facebook acquisition, Instagram has 100 million monthly active users and has attracted 67 percent of the top brands in the world. Not only are the largest companies in the world using Instagram, they’re using it well. The Instagram audience of Interbrand 100 companies dwarfs that of Interbrand companies on Pinterest. Starbucks,… Continue Reading

30% of the Top Brands Are Investing in Customer Service on Twitter [STUDY]


As more and more consumers use Twitter to reach out to brands for help and support, the world’s top brands are increasing their investment in customer service on the network. 30% of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands now have dedicated customer service handles, with the goal of resolving customer issues as quickly as possible. In… Continue Reading

Despite a Rocky Road, 59% of Top Brands Are Now Active on Instagram [STUDY]


With 90 million monthly active users, 40 million photos per day, and 8,500 likes per second, Instagram has now managed to attract 59% of the world’s top brands. The past three months have seen a number of new feature and policy changes on the network, creating both incentives for brands to adopt, but also a… Continue Reading

Vines Sprout Throughout The Grammys, Fashion Week and Even a Snowstorm


Look out Instagram, there’s a new kid on the mobile block. Vine, the new iOnly video-snippit app may not be anywhere near Instagram’s 90 Million users, but Vines are already weaving their way into the social scene, 6 seconds at a time. We tracked Vine clips being shared on Twitter over the last 48 hours. Between… Continue Reading