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Instagram Catches Twitter For US Users: Which Brands Are Where?

InstaTwitt_blog 2

It’s not rocket science: brands, like The Little Mermaid, want to be where the people are. A recent eMarketer study shows that Instagram–which just broke 200 million users–is catching up to Twitter in usage and engagement levels, and that “their user counts and demographics are strikingly similar.” A semi-annual survey on teen preferences from Piper Jaffray…

5 Time-Saving Tips For Your Social Media Analytics

Feelin’ the need for speed? Find yourself saying things like, “Never enough time in the day,” “I’ll try to squeeze it in,” and “The faster the better”? You’re not alone. Social media is a particularly fast-paced and rapidly-evolving sphere, since it centers around a wide variety of people receiving and reacting to content—all in real…

#CES2014 by The Numbers: Day 2 With Marissa Mayer & Sony Playstation

CES_blog 2

Day 2 of CES may not have had Michael Bay walking off the stage, or T-Mobile’s CEO getting tossed out of AT&T’s Macklemore concert…but that allowed us to focus on new tech instead of celebrities…Nah, I’m just kidding; Marissa Mayer had John Legend! While Samsung, Intel and LG dominated Twitter conversations using the official #CES2014…

#CES2014 by the Numbers: Day 1 with Michael Bay, Intel, and Bendy TVs

CES_blog 2

CES 2014 kicked off on Monday, and as always, Twitter got to talking about the latest tech. From bendy TVs (because, why not?) to watch-shaped phones and computers (I loved Dick Tracy too), the top brands showed up to unleash their newest toys. We’re tracking #CES2014 on Twitter using Simply Measured’s certified Twitter analytics, and…

Simply Measured’s Top Tweeters of 2013


We at Simply Measured had a great 2013; we’ve added tons of features, moved into a new office, and grown our team to nearly 100 employees. Since I joined the team in June, I’ve had the pleasure of reading and responding to your tweets. Throughout the year, our community has continued to use our product, cheer…

Social Media Predictions From The Experts


As we launch full steam ahead into 2014, we wanted to hear from some of our favorite thought leaders in the social media space about what they expect to see during the next year. What I loved seeing from their responses is an underlying expectation that social media marketers are getting more and more savvy…

Vine Launches Web Profiles and Full-Screen “TV Mode”


Today, Vine upped the ante by introducing a new way to experience their app, on the web. Brands can now log on to the network, view their feeds, comment, like and share their profile with their fans. We’ve seen Instagram do this, but Vine is bringing “TV Mode” to the table and it’s a total game-changer……

Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013


2013 was a fantastic year for Simply Measured and social media. To bring in the new year, we’re taking a look back at last year’s 10 hottest blog posts, courtesy of our Blog Performance Report: We hope you enjoy re-reading these as much as we enjoyed putting them together for you fine people. Thank you all…