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Instagram and Twitter May Pair Better Than We Thought


Instagram links don’t perform well on Twitter, right? This is the assumption social media marketers have made for the last year, and it’s backed up by the data…or it was. Recently, Twitter updated its activity dashboard. Among other things, this update adds clicks anywhere on a Tweet to the engagement calculation: hashtags, links, avatars, usernames,… Continue Reading

Managing a Growing Social Media Team Using Analytics and Data


It can be tough to keep tabs on what your entire team is doing on social media – especially if many brands live under your company umbrella. You know your team members are mapping their activities to your brand’s larger goal, but how can you keep track of which strategies are being used to meet those goals and, you… Continue Reading

Potential Impressions vs. Actual Impressions: Which Should You Measure?


Since Twitter updated its activity dashboard to include actual impression data, I’ve heard one question from a lot of social media marketers: Should my team focus on potential impressions, or actual impressions? It’s a good question, albeit a tricky one. And as is the case with most analysis, there’s no universal answer. If there were, we’d just call… Continue Reading

How To Anticipate And Answer Your Boss’s Biggest Social Campaign Questions


Raise your hand if these sound familiar: How’s that social media campaign coming along? Why aren’t we seeing more sales from social media? Is it really worth doing customer service on social media? Then have we got a whopper of a treat for you social media marketers and managers out there today! With companies’ increased investments in… Continue Reading

LinkedIn’s Newsle Acquisition, Or Why Building A True LinkedIn Strategy Is Vital Now


LinkedIn’s recent acquisition of Newsle, what’s been described as a Google Alert for your professional life, is just one more way the network is attempting to enable success for its users. It’s also the reason why LinkedIn is (or should be) so attractive to all you marketers. Here are the features and smart plays LinkedIn’s made to… Continue Reading

Why Marketers Can’t Afford to Separate Data and Creativity


My friends would call me a “creative” type…Actually, what they’d call me isn’t appropriate for this blog. But if you asked them explicitly, in a multiple-choice format, where nothing vulgar was allowed, they’d call me a creative type. I paint, I write, I play jazz, I tell jokes on stages, and there was a short… Continue Reading

7 Ways Social Data Can Help Your Product Launch Succeed


I recently got some lovely feedback on Twitter from a reader of this blog, so I asked him what else he’d like to see me write about. He gave me a great idea — an example of crowdsourcing content at its finest. This follower mentioned his work in announcing and publicizing independent video games, and the ongoing challenge of building an audience and engagement from… Continue Reading

#ThisIsHardRock: How a Hashtag Can Connect A Global Brand’s Profiles


How can brands with multiple handles focus their efforts? Hard Rock Cafe’s answer to this question comes in the form of a hashtag.  #ThisIsHardRock is employed across all their brand handles. Guests are encouraged to employ it, as well. It’s a tactic that’s been successful at both crowdsourcing guest experience and managing over 20 global properties — in other… Continue Reading

Ask An Influencer: Q&A With Lifestyle Blogger Jess Estrada


Jess Estrada, the founder of Fresh Jess Media, the lifestyle blog Fresh Jess, and an influencer marketing pro, has been focused on helping brands, small businesses and non-profits alike bring their online presence to life since 2008. That was when she, the then-Events Director of the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, created her site as a way of spreading… Continue Reading

8 Stats You Should Know About Tumblr, Instagram, And Pinterest


Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest can make anything look good. These visual networks are all growing rapidly, and have become great testing grounds for major brands who want their eye-catching content to live longer and retain a more brand-focused conceptual framework.  Each of these networks brings something different to the table, and a huge part of their individual… Continue Reading