4 Things You Didn’t Know About Sephora’s Cross-Channel Social Strategy


If your brand is active on multiple social channels, looking at audience response and engagement results on a channel-by-channel basis just isn’t going to cut it. You’re not seeing the data in context. I wanted to show how much rich information can be gleaned from a streamlined yet deep cross-channel analysis, so I pulled a… Continue Reading

Social Media Strategy: The Pros and Cons of Global vs. Local


Every social media strategy – local or global – has pros and cons. Understanding these tradeoffs will help your brand decide which type of presence you need, or whether you want something in between: a “global-local” presence. Choosing a direction can be tricky. Lets take a look at some of the options you have. Local Presence Many small… Continue Reading

PSBJ Crowns Simply Measured a Top Place to Work in Washington


Last night, Simply Measured claimed first-place among medium-sized companies in Puget Sound Business Journal’s annual “Washington’s Best Workplaces” competition. The Gold Medalist (1st) in the Medium Company category for #PSBJWaBest Workplaces is @simplymeasured Congrats to @Schoeny and his team. — The Business Journal (@PSBJ) August 15, 2014 This award means that people who work here really love working… Continue Reading

5 Popular Crowdsourced Hashtags, Their Twitter Birthdates, And How Brands Use Them Now


When you’re scrolling through your feed and see #TGIF about one zillion times on Friday afternoon at 4 PM, do you ever wonder where that hashtag originated? Who was the first person to think of that? And how are brands leveraging these ubiquitous hashtags to gain more engagement, discoverability, awareness, and audience relevance on Twitter? I’m so glad… Continue Reading

What Keeps Social Media Marketers Up at Night?


Reporting to managers on results, choosing which social networks to focus on, those dreaded reports they have to run tomorrow, all the time they’ll spend doing it… I’m getting stressed out just thinking about it. We surveyed more than 1,300 social media marketers because we wanted to know what exactly keeps them sitting up in bed, worrying and wondering.… Continue Reading

Bring All Your Social Channels Together: The Cross-Channel Social Performance Report


Which channels are resonating the most with my community? Which one is giving me the maximum results for the most minimal amount of effort? Which types of content should I use for my next campaign? How should I prioritize my resources for the next fiscal year? Serious marketers understand that you can’t make these types… Continue Reading

Why Cross-Channel Measurement Is a Problem for Social Marketers


How is your brand performing on social media? The answer to this question usually involves an analysis of each individual network, with specific KPIs for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and each network you use. These metrics are important to understand so you can optimize activities on each channel. After all, each social network has a distinct audience,… Continue Reading

How to Align Your Social Media Presence with Your Brand


At its best, a firm’s social media presence should be a major component of its voice in the world. A platform by which your audience can relate with your brand, one-on-one. But to be at its best, a firm’s social media presence needs to be closely aligned with its brand. When social media and brand… Continue Reading

Making the Most of Facebook’s Referral Traffic


Shareaholic recently shared data (specific to their clients) revealing Facebook as the biggest driver of social referrals to brand websites. Year-over-year, Facebook’s role in overall traffic that sites received from direct traffic, social referrals, organic search, and paid search has skyrocketed, even as organic reach has decreased. Facebook is adding a lot of value for marketers focused on site traffic. How can you optimize your Facebook presence… Continue Reading

Instagram and Twitter May Pair Better Than We Thought


Instagram links don’t perform well on Twitter, right? This is the assumption social media marketers have made for the last year, and it’s backed up by the data…but we’re finding this might not be true. Recently, Twitter updated its activity dashboard. Among other things, this update adds clicks anywhere on a Tweet to the engagement… Continue Reading