Simply Measured Now Has 50,000 Users

Simply Measured Now Has 50,000 Users Kevin Shively Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

We’re excited to share a big milestone with you. Simply Measured has now served over 50,000 users! We love all our users and want to quickly send out a big “Thank you!” to everyone that has trusted our tools, supported our company, and provided amazing feedback as we’ve grown.

To put this in a realistic and easy-to-digest context, we now have more users than there are people using the internet…all of it.

Okay that might not be true…but I’m also pretty sure that it is 100% true.**

Jokes aside, we’re very excited to be growing as quickly as we are, and are also grateful that we have the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of customers who are as passionate about their analytics as we are.

Okay back to the jokes. Here’s a chart demonstrating exactly how meaningful 50,000 users is. We did a scientific Google search of the most important statistics that exist on the internet, and here is a carefully thorough breakdown of things that 50,000 is greater than:

In case it wasn’t clear, Simply Measured: 50,000. Tony Romo: 0.

I feel like I can safely say we won this chart.

If you’d like to see  some more meaningful reports that highlight why 50,000 people are now using Simply Measured, take us for a spin with one of our free reports, or request a free trial.

**I checked on this…its absolutely not true, you guys.

Kevin Shively

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