WWDC 2012 Twitter Analysis

WWDC 2012 Twitter Analysis Adam Schoenfeld Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured

If your office is anything like ours, your resident Apple fanboys (and girls) have been all abuzz about today’s #WWDC keynote presentation. Anticipating this hype, we’ve been tracking #WWDC. During the keynote alone, there were 151,936 posts (that’s over 1,000 per minute). Unsurprisingly, the Twitter conversation mapped closely to the announcements made, which also aligned with the pre-event rumors.

You can view the complete breakdown on our #WWDC 2012 Conversation Driver Analysis.

A few highlights:

  • 18% of posts were about the iOS
  • MacBook came in second, with 15%
  • Lion came in third, with 6%
  • Even though there were no¬†announcements¬†about a new iPhone, it still comprised 5%.
  • The event peaked at 2,119 Tweets per minute.

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