Senior Software Engineer

DUTIES:  Design and develop software applications and systems, leading projects from inception to production. Define product requirements, create mock-ups, and work on development for data collection APIs and data processing.  Build and maintain a platform for data retrieval, streaming and processing and build fault tolerant systems for data processing and analytics.  Develop and run profiling and performance tools.Confer with other senior engineers and other technical leadership on technical issues, project status and proposals. May perform other duties as assigned.

REQUIRES:  Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related technical field plus five years of progressive, post-baccalaureate experience designing and developing applications and complex big data systems and/or complex cloud based systems, including responsibility for multiple products shipped and supported into a production environment.  This must include five years of experience working in any combination of Program Manager and Software Engineer roles; as well as two years of experience with Javascript, Service Oriented Architecture, MySQL, and less/CSS; and one year of experience with NodeJS, HighCharts, Angular, Big Data (Red Shift and/or Big Query), Social Network advertising APIs, Message Queues, and presenting technical information orally and in writing. Experience may be gained concurrently.


40 hours/week in Seattle, WA.

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