Beautiful Reports in Excel and Online

Reports are the same in Excel and online. Modify the Excel version and upload it to the web.

Do you live in Excel? So do we! Powerful Excel to Web reports help tell your story, exactly how you want.

Excel and Web reports side by side See Excel and Web reports side by side

All Your Data in One Place

All the social media sources you care about are easily aggregated in our software.

Easily access and analyze all your social media data, from one central location.

See a data collection View a data collection in our app

In-Depth Analysis Down to the Tweet

Detailed performance analytics for every piece of content across social media channels.

Identify what drives social media success, all the way down to the nittiest, grittiest details.

See a sample Twitter Brand Monitoring report

Social Media Channel Analytics

Track your own social media activity on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Whether you have dozens, hundreds, or just a few social media profiles, you can report on the entire story across channels.

See a sample Twitter Account Report

Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking

Competitive reports show how you stack up to competitors and market leaders.

Learn from your competition. Benchmark your performance to report with context.

See a sample Twitter Competitive Analysis Report

Social Media Monitoring and Research

Social Media Monitoring to get insights about your brand, campaigns, or events.

Don’t just listen to the buzz, get in-depth analysis and insights to inform your next move.

See a sample Hashtag Monitoring Report